My school

My school is called Emmauscollege. It is a school for Havo and VWO.

It is a very big school. There are 1500 People on the school. It's near a big shopping mall called "De Oosterhof". When we are free, we go to "De Oosterhof". The school starts at 8:30. Every lesson takes 50 minutes. After every two hours we have a break. On one day you can have 8 lessons. So sometimes you sit at school until 16:15. That's very stupid.

My Class

I'm doing the 4th grade of VWO. I also do Greek. There are 25 children in my class. We are very busy. Most of the teachers don't like that, but I do. The worst problem is that there are 7 girls in my class. My favorite subjects are Physical Training and Chemistry. I don't like Physics and I find Greek very hard.